Carpet Cleaning Kensington

Carpet Cleaning KensingtonFrom a small carpet within your bedroom to several floor business or public buildings we possess the came commitment to delivering best value for money deep carpet cleaning. We have been a leading cleaning company for Kensington for over a decade, and we specialise in a range of domestic and commercial cleanings our customers could benefit from. One of our most renowned cleaning service is our Carpet cleaning session. It consists of a thorough carpet examining, stain removal and hot steam extraction cleaning to brighten and sanitize your carpeting whilst improving the overall appearance and quality.

We invest heavily on equipment and cleaning tools and perform extensive training to our cleaning operators to ensure highest quality cleaning session is delivered for your home and business premises!

We execute our Carpet cleaning session by using high power steam cleaning system to release the accumulated dirt, dust and oils from deep within the Carpet. The high heat of the water which is being sprayed into the carpet dissolves the accumulated soil particles, oils and dust while simultaneously kills bacteria and dust mites. For the specific stain removal, our cleaning operators inspect your carpet prior to the general steam cleaning and apply suitable cleaning solution to remove the stain and maximise the cleaning results. The drying times our cleaning method offers are minimal, and you can help fastening the process by switching fans or air conditioning.

We also offer two extras to enhance the cleansing effect on your carpet:

  • Pre-spray applied to the heavily soiled areas of your carpet to help dissolve the accumulated grime, dirt and oils and make them easier to remove for the steam extraction machine.
  • Scotchguard- spray applied to your carpeting to acts as a shield against water-based spots and spillages. This spray protects the fabric of your carpet making in easier to be cleaned with conventional cloth. Extras are charged £10.00 per room

Our attention to detail, professional manners and long years of experience within the industry puts us above the rest. Whether you need carpet refreshing or a thorough deep cleaning of a filthy carpet, we will deliver supreme cleaning results and improve the hygiene of your home and office.

Few of the benefits your household and business premises will enjoy when choosing our carpet cleaning:

  • Fully trained and efficient cleaning operators who are ready to comply with all of your cleaning requirements.
  • Local, friendly and affordable cleaning service performed with professional manner and attention to your carpeting.
  • Flexible working hours to ensure we perform our deep carpet cleaning at a time of the day fitting to your busy schedule.
  • Quality equipment and tools plus professional cleaning solutions to achieve the ultimate cleaning result.
  • Efficient stain removal- although we cannot guarantee complete removal of old stains within highly soiled areas, we promise to do our best to vanish them and provide best-possible appearance of your carpeting.
  • We examine your carpet prior to the main cleaning process. This enables us to give you an estimation of the expected results and choose the correct cleaning method for your carpet.

Stop searching for an affordable local carpet cleaning for Kensington- you have already found us!