One Off Cleaning Kensington

One Off Cleaning KensingtonWe understand that our clients might need a one time cleaning session for particular reason or occasion. Your home might require pre-event cleanup. You wish to get a cleaning after a big family gathering. You simply need a special cleaning to get the house ready for spending quality time with your loved ones. Perhaps maybe you want to book a One-off cleaning for a relative or friend as a gift.

Our company understands the importance of a thoroughly cleaned home, and we are happy to provide for you any time of the day. We will deep clean every inch of your home. What is more, we will pay extra attention to the hard-to-reach spots and the heavily soiled areas of your house. Our residential One Off cleaning session gives your premises a top-to-bottom service and leaves your home refreshed, spotless and sanitized for months to come.

What makes our One Off cleaning so efficient and reliable:

  • We guarantee that the cleaning team which comes to your home is highly-skilled, professional and gone trough extensive training to comply with our high standards of cleanliness. Every room, corner, skirting board, door, windowsill, floor and surface will be professionally cleaned and polished.
  • Our cleaning equipment is the latest within the cleaning industry, and we use modern tools and quality cleaning detergents to ensure supreme cleaning results. If you prefer, however, we can perform the One Off cleaning with your own materials.
  • Our One Off cleaning session is extremely flexible and comprehensive. It can be tailored to your specific cleaning requirements and performed at a time of the day that suits you schedule. We operate in early mornings, evenings, weekends and bank holidays, too.

Usually the most heavily soiled areas of your home are the bathrooms and kitchen. Often, many areas within these two rooms could not be easily reached and are usually left uncleaned. With time these areas collect dirt, grease, scale and mould. Our One Off cleaning session promises thorough and deep kitchen and bathroom cleaning. We will scrub, descale, degrease and polish every corner.

When performing our One Off cleaning we move your furniture and clean underneath sofas, armchairs and beds. This deep cleaning includes polishing of every surface in your home as well as wiping inside storage units, cabinets, cupboards and wardrobes. Our One Off cleaning session will be finished with thorough vacuuming and mopping of the floors and carpets. Moreover, if you require some specific cleaning task to be fulfilled, our cleaning team will be more than happy to serve you.

Choose the local professionalism and high cleaning standard! Book the ultimate One Off cleaning for all Kensington area!