Rug Cleaners Kensington

Rug Cleaning KensingtonWe understand that rugs are an important part of your interior and are often an expensive investment. Therefore, we have developed cleaning methods that deliver impeccable cleaning results and maintain your rugs in pristine condition for months to come.

Our company offers professional cleaning session for different types of rugs. We are able to clean hand-knotted, machine-made, handmade, Oriental, Persian, wool or acrylic rugs. Any fabric is within our spectre of cleaning and experience! What is more, our clients have the freedom to chose between dry and wet cleaning method.

When it comes to area rugs, you must not settle for anything less than impeccable cleaning session. Unfortunately, however, too many people attempt to clean their rugs by themselves and often damage them with either too hard scrubbing or using the wrong cleaning tools and detergents. Your area rugs are much too special and most often costly to take the risk of performing a cleaning by yourself. Rugs require a gentle, but effective approach that only professional cleaning session could deliver.

Here at our company we know that every rug cleaning session is unique and requires special care and attention. Therefore, we first conduct an inspection of your rugs to determine the type of fabric, the nature of the stains and odours and the highly-soiled areas. We do this in order to determine the most suitable cleaning method. We choose the correct cleaning solution for your carpet and then combine it with our state-of-the-art equipment to deliver impeccable cleaning results. We apply the same hot-steam cleaning method on our rugs like the one we use on our carpet cleaning sessions. Steam-operated machine gently washes the fibres of your rugs without damaging their colour, structure or quality; highly-effective cleaning method that will renew the condition and appearance of your area rugs.

Whether you have expensive heirlooms or everyday mud blockers, our qualified rug cleaning technicians will do what is best for your area rugs and leave them in spotless condition. We possess the qualification, experience, equipment and team to perform a cleaning service that will exceed your expectations and all this on the most affordable rates within all Kensington. After more than a decade within the cleaning industry, there is no reason to risk your rug cleaning session with any other company. We will take on the task while you relax, and you can say goodbye to stubborn spots, stains and odours- your rug will be as good as new!