Efficient Upholstery Cleaning Kensington

Upholstery Cleaning KensingtonWe know that your upholstery is the one piece of the furnishing within your home in which you have invested many resources. It is also one of the most heavily used furniture within your home and office. Therefore, they tend to get stained and worn off quite fast. As time goes by, their real colour fades, fabric gets soiled and smelly, and they accumulate numbers of bacteria and dust mites which pollute the air of the room.

Professional upholstery cleaning session is the only cleaning solution that guarantees to revive the colour and fabric of your upholstered furniture whilst sanitizing it from harmful bacteria and other pollutants.

Upholstery manufacturers such as BFM (British Furniture Manufacturers) advise thorough furniture cleaning at least once every year to maintain the quality of your upholstery and the sanitized home environment. However, the advised frequency differs according to your lifestyle and the usage of the upholstery. Furthermore, if you have children and pets a more frequent cleaning session is preferable to maintain the pet odours, allergens and bacteria within the rooms to a minimum.

What do we clean:

  • Upholstered furniture (couches, sofas, armchairs)
  • Leather upholstery cleaning

Our Upholstery cleaning session:

  • First and foremost, we inspect the material and fibres of your upholstery to get familiar with the stains, more heavily soiled areas and to determine the cleaning method.
  • After that, we spot treat your upholstery with suitable cleaning solution.
  • Then, we use our steam cleaning extraction machine to perform thorough and deep-within-the-fibres cleaning session. This process flushes out the dust, soil and odours and leaves your upholstery revived and refreshed. Thanks to the powerful vacuum suction and the dry master tool, your upholstery will be dry within hours instead of days.

All of our experienced upholstery cleaning operators have sufficient experience and have performed numerous cleaning furniture cleaning sessions throughout Kensington. They are dedicated to delivering the highest quality service and impeccable results. As we are a local cleaning company, booking is simple and arriving times are fast. As being local, we are able to provide the lowest prices within the area.

Our professional upholstery cleaning session is extensive and lasts as long as a general cleaning of a 3-bedroom house. This is due to the specific of the fabric and the delicacy of the upholstery. We pay attention to every fold and little detail to ensure spotless cleaning result.

With more than a decade within the cleaning industry, we have built a reputation for being trustworthy provider of domestic and commercial upholstery cleaning for offices and private homes throughout Kensington. Trust our expertise today!